Third music album - Tembro

Dear friends, we are pleased to present you our new and really welcome for everybody album Tembro.

music album Tembro

This album came to be austere and restrained, by its sound it a bit resembles hippie groups of the 70s. Hence there is a large number of blues and rock guitars and organs.

music album Tembro

Before, the foundation of compositions had electronic basis, which we mixed with live sessions, now vice versa. We add electric elements to the basic band sound. Perhaps, such a model is evolution of our maturity). We really hope, you enjoy the results of our hard work.

music album Tembro

Second music album - Relief


The album was recorded at "Dobrolet’s" and "Galernaya 20’s" studios in 2013.
Recording, reduction: Dmitry Petrov.
Mastering: Nicholas Bichan.
8 tracks: Termostat, Groovestep, Bells, Saddy, Traffic jam, Overside, Balcan, Bassline.

Juniper музыка - Relief

You can buy this album Relief with help of iTunes or with help of special web form.

JUNIPER relief sound

Would It seem that there aren’t any points in common between the music and the sculpture, except their belonging to the art? The form and the content it’s a particular combination creating an interlacement of drum, guitar, trumpet and saxophone beats in the new JUNIPER’s album with quite a «sculptural» title Relief.

Its official presentation took place in the St Petersburg club «More», 9 November. This club was filled by sounds and it looked like a music ocean. However, those who will come to the nearest concerts will be able to hear and feel its waves.

The musicians have been recording the second album for nearly one year at the «Dobrolet’s» and «Galernaya 20’s» studios, the material for the second album Relief was much richer then for the first, Vertigo.

The new tracks are  include in the concert program with those ones that people have already had time to love. Thus, the Juiper’s fans can hear the evolution of sound in The Benny до Bassline.

Juniper’s music makes move both huge festivals, open-airs and the dance floors of underground clubs. Last summer the band took part in Koktebel Jazz Festival in Ukraine and in Red Rocks in Murmansk.

Theirs advantage is that the guys play the "real" musical instruments (guitar, bass, drums and wind instruments) with a previously created, with the help of computer, sound "skeleton". As a result, the compositions acquire incredible energy and drive, which the listener can find only in a live performance.

First music album - Vertigo

The album was recorded at Dmitry Petrov’s studio in 2010.
Recording, reduction, mastering: Dmitry Petrov. 
9 tracks: Dubbeat, Introduction, Benny, One, Flying Whale, Morning Funk, Newsak, Kite, Vertigo.

  Juniper music - Vertigo

You can buy this album Vertigo with help of iTunes or with help of special web form.